10 Reasons to go on a Guided African Safari

As many of you know, at the end-ish of 2016 we went to South Africa! It was something that has been on my bucket list for such a long time and when the opportunity arose we grabbed it with both hands and traveled 30+ hours to make it!

As part of our South African Adventure we made it a Priority to go on Safari. Something for me, that has always been an absolute dream! So off we went!

Here are my 10 main reasons to go on Safari and experience it for yourself.

One. Excitement & Relaxation. Step almost completely out of your comfort zone and into something that is very different. Its not only a change of scenery with limited access to the outside world but its time to reset yourself and not have to worry about whats happening outside of your current situation.

Two. See African Wild Animals in the Flesh! Sure, you can go to a zoo and see some of these animals but there really is nothing like driving (or walking) through the African Bush and seeing these animals roaming freely and experiencing the raw beauty of these creatures.

img_20161101_155847 img_20161031_103224 img_20161031_150429 img_20161030_064701img_20161030_172337 img_20161030_164359 img_20161030_163014

Three. Meet new people from all around the World! When you are staying at some of these camps/ lodges, you can’t help but getting to know the people you are experiencing the journey with you.

Four. Learn about the Conservation, Rehabilitation and Preservation of African animals and their surroundings. We visited Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre and it was very eye opening and incredible to see all the amazing work they are doing with these animals. It was also awesome to be able to get up close and personal and have interactions with the animals.

20161101_105644 img_20161101_115345 img_20161101_113856 img_20161101_103735 img_20161101_091503

Five. The Scenery and The Sunsets. Africa really is one of a kind. There’s Desert, Mountains, Streams, Animals. So many beautiful photo opportunities.

img_20161101_115754 pano_20161030_080548 img_20161030_173230


Six. The Guides/ Rangers are such a plus of going on Safari Drives and Walks. Is so amazing to hear about their experiences and knowledge. They have a passion for preserving and helping animals big and small which is so admiring.

Seven. Night Drives! Going on any drive while on safari is incredible! but night drives really are something else. Sitting in an open vehicle with only a few torches, not knowing what might pop up around you is exciting and thrilling! Plus there are so many animals that you wouldn’t see during the day come out to explore and eat. It really was one of the best things to do.

img_20161029_184111 img_20161030_182210-1 img_20161101_192114

Eight. The Accommodation. Going on safari generally means that you will be staying in accommodation you generally wouldn’t elsewhere. There are many options as well. Tenting under the Stars, Staying in a Treehouse Village, a Lodge backing on to a Reserve, A Luxury Camp sitting in a Reserve! You Choose! Depending on your budget and what you want your experience to be.

20161030_104030 20161030_104109 20161030_135135 img_20161030_103611 20161030_104049

Nine. The Food! Boerewors, Braai, Bobotie, Biltong,  Malva pudding. The list goes on. It really is so delicious! We were lucky enough to stay in a camp where they had amazing Chefs and were catered to like Kings and Queens!

Ten. Last but not least,, You will come out really appreciating Nature and what it has to give. You will experience the good (Seeing the Animals, going on drives, meeting amazing people) and the bad (Seeing animals during a drought is an eye opener but its so important to understand that this is nature and it shouldn’t really be messed with) but overall you will broaden your mind and come out feeling so grateful and lucky.

You will have memories that you will remember and cherish forever.

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