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Winter Files || Soup Season

For anyone new here, I will put my hand up… I. Hate. Winter. For me, there are two good things about Winter. Soup and the fashion (Coats, Scarves, Boots…). You would think that considering I am a winter baby, I would be all about it. but I have come to realise that this definitely not…… Continue reading Winter Files || Soup Season

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Healthy Breakfast Files #1 – Banana Pancakes!

Who doesn’t love Pancakes? Serves 2 You will need: Blender/nutribullet/ magicbullet etc Large Pan Small saucepan Coconut oil / any oil for cooking Pancake Recipe: 1/2 cup Wholegrain Oats 2 Bananas (ripened – aka has brown spots) 4 Medium sized Eggs (or 3 large) 3 Tbsp Almond milk (or regular/ any other milk) (Optional) 1…… Continue reading Healthy Breakfast Files #1 – Banana Pancakes!

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Healthy Snack Files #1 – Bliss Balls

Bliss balls are an amazing nutritious treat – whether you are living a healthy lifestyle or wanting to try something new.Β Most bliss balls/ protein balls on the web are very high in fructose/ fruit sugars as they are 78-80% date based. These however, are nut based. Bliss balls are fantastic because you can pretty much…… Continue reading Healthy Snack Files #1 – Bliss Balls