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Healthy Breakfast Files #1 – Banana Pancakes!

Who doesn’t love Pancakes? Serves 2 You will need: Blender/nutribullet/ magicbullet etc Large Pan Small saucepan Coconut oil / any oil for cooking Pancake Recipe: 1/2 cup Wholegrain Oats 2 Bananas (ripened – aka has brown spots) 4 Medium sized Eggs (or 3 large) 3 Tbsp Almond milk (or regular/ any other milk) (Optional) 1…… Continue reading Healthy Breakfast Files #1 – Banana Pancakes!

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Healthy Snack Files #1 – Bliss Balls

Bliss balls are an amazing nutritious treat – whether you are living a healthy lifestyle or wanting to try something new. Most bliss balls/ protein balls on the web are very high in fructose/ fruit sugars as they are 78-80% date based. These however, are nut based. Bliss balls are fantastic because you can pretty much…… Continue reading Healthy Snack Files #1 – Bliss Balls

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Fitness, Lifestyle and Food Favs.

In the past few months, my Fitness, Lifestyle and Food Choices have changed slightly. Its hard to explain why, in a few words, so instead I will tell you about a few of the best things I have discovered and fallen in love with during this time. —————————————————————————————————————————————– Number 1. Active Wear!  I mean, who…… Continue reading Fitness, Lifestyle and Food Favs.

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Christmas Day Attire – Summer Edition

I recently discovered that googling “what to wear on Christmas day” or “Christmas day outfits” was no use to me, whatsoever. Why? Because this Christmas here in Melbourne Australia, it’s going to be 36. C/ 96.8 F. No Christmas Jumpers, No Christmas Cosy Socks and definitely no festive Onesie. Minimal is key in hot weather! Now…… Continue reading Christmas Day Attire – Summer Edition