Beauty Bits I’ve Been Loving

I use all of these things.. on a good day


Elizabeth Arden 8hr Cream – Lip Protect: I got this in the airport (as you do) recently as a very ‘it was on the paying counter’ purchase. But I am so glad I did. I have noticed that working in an air conditioned office really does a number on my lips and this stuff has been a moisturising lifesaver. Bonus, its smells and tastes like grapefruit.

Swisse Argan Oil Moisturiser – I got this moisturiser mainly because I wanted a change. Plus, winter dried out my skin worse than ever. Lets just say. Best choice ever. I will not be saving this only for winter as it is now my all year round moisturiser! It just leaves my skin feeling so soft, even when ive been wearing makeup all day. During Spring & Summer I don’t think ill be wearing this during the day as it would be too heavy, but as a night time moisturiser, its a dream.

Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado – I recently turned 25 and as such. The eye cream has come out. Not yet the wrinkle cream but knowing my genes, should probably get on to that too. Fine lines are the worst and whether they are only in my imagination or not, I shall begin to treat/ prevent them. This cream goes on great under makeup and is super hydrating. It can take a few mins to soak in but its def worth the wait. I do sometimes use this under my makeup too which works fine!


La Bang Body Hair Oil – Now, I know, I gave in to the hype. Its the one all of the Australian Youtubers and Instagramers are talking about and guess what. They are right. Its not a con. I am not being paid to say this!

I generally leave this in all day if I can (If I am bumming around the house and not seeing actual people) and wash it out before bed. i have found since using this that I have less split ends and my hair does take longer to feel dry and frizzy. Which for me, is a revelation.


Tea Tree oil Shampoo – For me this is a more natural alternative to my medicated shampoo. Now, it doesn’t work the same but it does keep me tied over for that little bit longer than if I weren’t to use it at all which is good. Because it is tea tree based it is also antibacterial and I find it takes my hair longer to become oily.


Garnier Leave in Oil – As someone who has the driest of dry hair and is living with a constant frizzy nightmare. I need a hair oil that will be softening without weighing it down. This tends to do this. But only if I use it on first day hair.

I am thinking about trying out a leave in conditioner. Let me know if you have any recommendations.


Collection Mascara –  I am a sucker for collection makeup and as they do not sell it in Australia, I try and top up on my favs while im in NZ. However, I thought while I was at the counter that I would try something new. This is where I discovered my new fav mascara! Its lengthening, separating and quite dry formula so basically everything I love.


Topshop Lip Liner (in Ceramic) & Lipstick (in Naturist) Combo –  I never thought I would rate TopShop makeup highly. When I saw the collection I wasn’t too wowed, but at the time it was all on special, so why not. This happened to be a great idea because the Lip Liner and Lipstick i got are fantastic. The colour is my perfect everyday colour. My only con is that it doesn’t last THAT long. A few coffees in and you have to reapply. But it reapplies fine so for me, no issue!


E.L.F. Cosmetics, Blush, Candid Coral – This particular purchase seemed to slip into my overloaded Iherb (discount code: RAC8923) order last minute and when it arrived, I was quite disappointed. I saw the colour and thought straight away. NOPE. However, I tried it and was quite impressed! It is definitely quite subtle, but it is buildable which is the main reason I enjoy it. Its almost impossible to overdo it. Its a peachy pink colour and has a slight shimmer. Perf for Spring!


Nars Laguna – I remember when I first bought this bronzer, it was all because of the hype. I got it… and never touched it. I was too scared! I wasn’t confident doing my makeup and couldnt believe I had bought this product I couldnt use as it was really pricey!

However, I used it as a way to make myself learn. I wanted to be able to use it to its full potential. Voila! I have. Its now my fav bronser by far and works really well as a contour shade on my skintone. Unfortunately, I have hit pan, so will be looking for alternatives so that I dont run out!

NYX Micro Brow eyebrow pencil – When I was in Spain, I discovered that NYX and Kiko, Have their own stores!! The most I had ever seen was a ratehr big counter in Priceline, I was blown away and decided I HAD to buy something.

Fortunately, I had infact forgotten to pack my beloved Benefit Eyebrow Pencil so was in a position to justify a new one and I am SO glad I did because its now my new fav. Not only is the tip really small and easy to use, its less than half the price of the benefit one!! Although I have never tried the ABH one, I feel as though this would be a good dupe too. Seriously, try it.


What have your favourite products been recently?

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Current Makeup Must-haves’

Happy 2 Years! This week is the 2 year anniversary of my blog, so why not celebrate with a Beauty Must-Haves??

Recently I have discovered that I have been so bored with my makeup routine and products. I am just itching for some new products to test out and play with! But there have been however, a few products I have been loving and don’t think I will be giving up anytime soon!



This stuff works so well for me. I generally only use it on my under eyes but it really does the job. It doesn’t have the best coverage but still manages to hide those pesky dark circles well and I find it to be really gentle and moisturising for the eye area.


For me, this is the best way to apply my foundation and concealer for an everyday look. Its easy to use, blends out the product evenly and doesn’t leave any weird streaks or patches. the brands I always come back to being – Real Techniques & Chichi


I have loved this mascara for a few years on and off now, but it always seems to be the one I can come back to and rely on and not worry if I am going to get spidery, clumpy lashes. For me, this mascara adds volume but also allows my lashes to look longer and fluttery.


 I have hit pan 😦 But at least it shows it is loved right? I love this bronzer for … Bronzing, as you would expect… but also, as an eye-shadow for everyday. Its my go to!


I have jumped on the lip liner band wagon. They have literally become and everyday staple for me. Not only do the ones I love, go on smoothly and are really buttery, but they last hours! (I generally put my Lip liner on around 8am – Look in the mirror after lunch – STILL THERE!) I don’t think I can ever go back. Some of my absolute favourites are from Natio and W7.


I picked up a few of these on Feel Unique a while ago and they kind of fell to the back of my drawer never to be seen – until I did a spring clean and decided to try them out. I generally don’t wear them on their own, but paired with my favouite lip liners, they last a long time, aren’t too sticky and look lovely! (side note: They smell amazing!)

So these are my current go tos’, but I am in the market for a few new things! High end, Low end… I just want some new things to play with! Please leave me some suggestions below of what I should try next.

Until next time…

Everyday Makeup Routine & Reviews

For the past 7 weeks now, I have been working in a new job. As this job requires seeing a lot of professional people on a daily basis I feel as though it is only right to look nice and not scare the bajesus out of them. Hence, I have acquired a easy and simple makeup routine which takes me about 20 to 30 minutes.


1. Primer & setting spray. I find that these have become essential for me. Working in an office from 8 to 10.5hrs a day is just asking for my face to turn into an oily mess. My current go to’s are the Revlon photo finish primer and the Australis makeup setting spray ( I put this spray on before and after to get the desired effect).

2. Foundation. Which shock horror has been my Nars Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc. Ever since I first bought this product I hated it! Every time I wore it, it would break me out and make skin super oily. But since I have changed my routine things have been much better 🙂

3. Concealer. My go to recently has been my Rimmel Wake me up. It creases the least and is the best shade for me at the moment.

4. Blush and bronzer. My go to’s recently have been my elf blush in Peachy Cheeky and my Nar’s Laguna Bronzer. I was so scared of this bronzer at first but after watching many tutorials I feel as though I finally have the hang of it! Blend Blend Blend people! 🙂

4. Setting Powder. The Australis loose powder in translucent has finally become my favourite product! When I first bought this I hated it, felt like it didn’t do anything but make me cake. However, I tested it with a few different brushes and found that when applied correctly, this stuff is a dream and keeps me oil free ( mostly, my nose and forehead have issues) during my long days!

5. Eyebrows. The Natio Brow Kit and the Maybelline Brow drama in medium brown are a match made in heaven for my unruly brows. I love the Natio kit because you can mix the 2 shades together to make it as warm or cool toned as you would like with out making the colour too dark.

6.Eyeshodow. Funnily enough, my go to eyeshadow has actually been my Elf  Golden Bronzer. It makes as a not too shimmery but not too Matte, bronzy coloured everyday eye shadow look and I love it.

7. Mascara & Eyelash Curler (I can not miss this step or my eyelashes are dead straight!). Cover girl Lash Blast in Waterproof. Need I say more? not really. I love it and have for a long time! Nothing quite compares to how my eyelashes look with this on!

8. LIPS. The thing that pulls your face together and makes you look awake and alive! Favorite go to’s at the moment are: Mac – Blankety, the perfect “my lips but better” colour, its super moisturising and lasts fairly well. Avon – Ultra colour rich lipstick in ‘skin’, pinky peachy colour, perfect for everyday.

9. Setting Spray. Holds my face in place, my only issue is that the spray particles are rather big. otherwise, it does the job really well and dries quickly!

Me on a casual work day

Anything else you would recommend ? What has been your favorite product recently?


Beauty |August Makeup Favorites

It is exciting to think that it is now the beginning of SPRING! Winter is officially done for 2014! This makes me very happy 🙂 Spring, is my favourite season so I am so excited to see what it has to bring!

August was a pretty average month, BUT I did rediscover a few make-up items that I love and have been using basically the whole month!


In the picture above I have a range of products I have been absolutely loving!

  1. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer – Vanilla
  2. Collection Concealer – Lightest shade (great as a highlighter)
  3. Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil – 002 Hazel
  4. Elf Eyebrow kit – Ash
  5. Lancome Eyeshadow Palette – A85 Baby Glam
  6. Collection Extreme 24hr Felt Tip Liner – Black
  7. Elf Baked Blush – Peachy Cheeky
  8. Elf Clear Brow Mascara
  9. Collection Does It All – 5 in 1 Mascara – Black
  10. Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr – 35, Tough As Taupe
  11. MAC Lipstick – Blankety
  12. Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick – 103


And my favourite face products of the month go to:

  1. Real Techniques Stippling Brush (Applying foundation)
  2. Real Techniques Sponge
  3. NARS Laguna Bronzer
  4. NYC Matte Face Powder
  5. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation – Light 2
  6. Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream

I love them all, so I couldn’t cut down the amount! If you want to see my personal reviews on any of the products, let me know.

Have a great September!