My Travel Bucket List

Work, Travel, Save, Repeat

As someone who has been lucky enough to travel to some amazing places it has got me thinking about the places I really want to travel to. Now, I am not saying I want to see all these places anytime soon… but I am 25 and have a lot of travel time ahead of me.

Go on Safari in South Africa (DONE)

Stay in a Apartment in Brooklyn New York
Skydiving in New Zealand – Preferably Queenstown
Scuba Dive in the Great Barrier Reef
Spend a month travelling around the Greek Islands
Hike an Active Volcano
Surf in Costa Rica
Zipline from Spain to Portugal
Take the Trans-Siberian Railway
Go skiing in the South Island of New Zealand
Sail around Croatia
Go on a Solo trip somewhere (DONE)

Go on an Active Retreat
Go Bali island hopping
Relax in the Maldives
Scuba Dive Thunderball Grotto – Bahamas
Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Serengeti National Park

Go to the Pacific Islands
Swim in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
Snorkel with turtles in Hawaii
Snowboarding in Canada
See the Northern Lights in Iceland

northern lights
Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu


Drive Route 66 – California Road Trip
New Years Eve in Dubai
Zipline in Vegas
Visit the floating markets in Vietnam
Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon
Visit a really remote island
Live in the UK
Tour an abandoned city
Sail in the Galapagos Islands
Book a spontaneous holiday
Learn a new language
Roadtrip around Cyprus
Travel through South East Asia for a month
Mario Kart tour in Japan
See the cherry blossoms in Japan

cherry blossom
Hike the Great Wall of China
Do a Wine Tour in France
Sail around the Caribbean
Partake in Oktoberfest in Germany
Visit every continent
Ride a Gondola in Venice
Hiking in San Sebastian – Spain
New Years in Times Square

Times Square
Go whale-watching in Alaska

Climb Mt Kilimanjaro  in Tanzania

Go to the Olympics – to watch
Have dinner in an Under the Sea restaurant
Hiking in Myanmar
Go on a trek through Mongolia
Go to the tip of Denmark where the 2 seas meet
Winter adventure in Switzerland
Day trip to Andorra

I can imagine there will be a few more things added to this list over time & hopefully I will get to cross some of them off soon!

Let me know what is on your travel bucket list!

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10 Reasons to go on a Guided African Safari

To see all the animals.. Duhh

As many of you know, at the end-ish of 2016 we went to South Africa! It was something that has been on my bucket list for such a long time and when the opportunity arose we grabbed it with both hands and traveled 30+ hours to make it!

As part of our South African Adventure we made it a Priority to go on Safari. Something for me, that has always been an absolute dream! So off we went!

Here are my 10 main reasons to go on Safari and experience it for yourself.


Step almost completely out of your comfort zone and into something that is very different. Its not only a change of scenery with limited access to the outside world but its time to reset yourself and not have to worry about whats happening outside of your current situation.


Sure, you can go to a zoo and see some of these animals but there really is nothing like driving (or walking) through the African Bush and seeing these animals roaming freely and experiencing the raw beauty of these creatures.

img_20161101_155847 img_20161031_103224 img_20161031_150429 img_20161030_064701img_20161030_172337 img_20161030_164359 img_20161030_163014


When you are staying at some of these camps/ lodges, you can’t help but getting to know the people you are experiencing the journey with you.


We visited Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre and it was very eye opening and incredible to see all the amazing work they are doing with these animals. It was also awesome to be able to get up close and personal and have interactions with the animals.

20161101_105644 img_20161101_115345 img_20161101_113856 img_20161101_103735 img_20161101_091503


Africa really is one of a kind. There’s Desert, Mountains, Streams, Animals. So many beautiful photo opportunities.

img_20161101_115754 pano_20161030_080548 img_20161030_173230



These guys are such a plus of going on Safari Drives and Walks. Is so amazing to hear about their experiences and knowledge. They have a passion for preserving and helping animals big and small which is so admiring.


Going on any drive while on safari is incredible! but night drives really are something else. Sitting in an open vehicle with only a few torches, not knowing what might pop up around you is exciting and thrilling! Plus there are so many animals that you wouldn’t see during the day come out to explore and eat. It really was one of the best things to do.

img_20161029_184111 img_20161030_182210-1 img_20161101_192114


Going on safari generally means that you will be staying in accommodation you generally wouldn’t elsewhere. There are many options as well. Tenting under the Stars, Staying in a Treehouse Village, a Lodge backing on to a Reserve, A Luxury Camp sitting in a Reserve! You Choose! Depending on your budget and what you want your experience to be.

20161030_104030 20161030_104109 20161030_135135 img_20161030_103611 20161030_104049


Boerewors, Braai, Bobotie, Biltong,  Malva pudding. The list goes on. It really is so delicious! We were lucky enough to stay in a camp where they had amazing Chefs and were catered to like Kings and Queens!


You will experience the good (Seeing the Animals, going on drives, meeting amazing people) and the bad (Seeing animals during a drought is an eye opener but its so important to understand that this is nature and it shouldn’t really be messed with) but overall you will broaden your mind and come out feeling so grateful and lucky.

You will have memories that you will remember and cherish forever.

2016 in Review

2016 was such a whirlwind! I feel as though I clicked my fingers and somehow its New Years Eve!


Our holiday to South Africa has to be my biggest highlight of the year! It was absolutely incredible. Visiting a country that is entirely different to what you know is something amazing in itself but meeting a lot of awesome new people, Adopting a Chimp, Going on a Safari and Visiting Cape Town was something I will never forget. We only got back a little over a month ago and I already miss it so much! Take me back!

Met a Cheetah while on Safari!
Got to hang out at an amazing Winery in Franschhoek called Babylonstoren.
Adopted a Chimp called Claudine from Chimp Eden
Elephant Family walking to a water hole – Safari Experiences are the best!
Holding and Feeding a Vulture at Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre
View from our accomodation in Hout Bay – Cape Town
Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Cape Town
Visiting the Penguins at Boulders Beach in Simons Town
Dinner at La-grapperia in Paarl
Chilling on Top of Table Mountain! Literally Chilling. It was Freezzingg!
Lighthouse Cape Point
Canopy walkway, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden‎
Lions Head | Signal Hill – View from Table Mountain
Cape Point – Lighthouse
Meeting a Tortoise
View of Capetown and Table mountain from Signal Hill


Both Dietmar and I went back to NZ this year to take the last step with our degrees which was Graduation. It was a pretty cool day and a great moment having that certificate in your hand to say, Well Done, you actually did it!

graduation dietmar-and-i-graduation


Our Cat has to be a highlight. She’s a highlight of everyday. She’s Cute and Funny and sometimes a Pain in the Butt, BUT we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Found a way to sleep underneath all the car parts!

kitty kitty-3 15624473_720974468069943_4278779070340136960_n IMG_20150828_202250


 I love this City. It’s nearly been 2 years since we moved our lives across the ditch and for me, its one of the best things I have done. It has changed me a lot, in many good ways and I am grateful to be living here!
I made a point this year of trying to discover more of the city and all its quirks, bars, food, coffee, gardens! It really is a beautiful place and I adore it.

Visiting Hosier Lane – Melbourne has some amazing laneways
Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens
Found a flower shop with an amazing Cacti room!
Coffee Stops at The Abbotsford Club

exploring-melbourne-7 exploring-melbourne-6 exploring-melbourne-4 exploring-melbourne-2 15538984_1058253637618472_5136324154898776064_n 15276480_342548359464049_8099871135534940160_n


This year I was lucky enough to meet 3 people who I have followed for a long time for different reasons. 2 for Fitness and 1 just because shes a badass and I love it.

Meeting Karissa Pukas at Federation Square
Meeting Nikki and Heidi at The Arnold Classic!


I have been lucky enough this year to have some of my beautiful friends and family from NZ come over to Melbourne and visit! I do miss everyone so much back home so it really means the world whether its for a stopover for 7 hours or for a week. It really has made my year seeing some of my best friends and showing them around my favourite city!

sarah-visiting erins-visit

All in all 2016 has been an interesting year with some definite highlights! I can’t wait to see what the new year will bring! See you all then X