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It’s definitely been a while since I last posted anything beauty related! So I thought why not do a bit of a overview of things I’ve been trying && loving recently.

Although trying out new products is oh so fun, the more time goes on, the less I seem to change em up. I used to try and get a new Primer, Foundation & Brow Pencil every time I used one up but now, I know what I like so I tend to stick to & repurchase what I know works. With, the odd exception because I am still a bit of a beauty addict at heart. So I thought, why not share what I am lovin’ at the mo. Maybe you will find a new gem or two…


L’occitane Almond Shower Oil & Body Cream

After hearing the constant hype in the beauty community about the renound Bath & Shower oil, it became a.. IMUSTHAVE IT. But, its rather expensive. So I thought I would put it on my Xmas list & I was lucky enough to receive it, in a set with the Hand Cream, Body Moisturiser & a Soap Bar (DREAMY).
After trying it now for a month solid, I can say, it IS worth the hype. I def use it more as a bath oil (You only need the teeeniest amount) and omg I always feel so soft & lush afterwards. I generally follow up with the body cream to get the ultimate effect and it has really become a solid in my pamper routine! The cream is as you would expect, lush. But it also soaks into the skin really well & doesn’t leave you feeling sticky and having to dance around the bathroom for 10mins waiting for it to dry!

Sukin Shaving Gel
Ive never really been one to shave my legs… with a shaving gel. Never saw the point and thought it was a waste of money (whats wrong with a bar of soap?). I still stick to this statement however, I do love this product. It is actually a men’s face shaving gel but it wasn’t being used for such things so I decided ‘wastenotwantnot’ and gave it a go.
Now I wouldn’t say its super magical but, if you do like buying shaving gel for your legs, then maybe pick this one up when its half price because it does the job well and lasts forever!


Origins Out Of Trouble 10 Min Mask

Of the 3 Origins face masks I have tried, this is the one I would repurchase.. which I find rather funny because it was the one I was least excited to try. It is one of those products that really does what it claims to. I only use this on problem areas of my face when I am breaking out but I know that when I use this at night, the next morning my spots will be half the size and not giant volcanoes. It also doesn’t dry out my face which is magical because a lot of 10 minute masks or blemish masks tend to do so.


L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara

This mascara is nothing like I have ever used before. You can see in the close up photos that the wand is really weird! I bought it on a whim because I wanted to try something new and I can almost say, that it is now my holy grail! Which is a huge statement because I didn’t think any mascara would ever make me want to throw out my Cover girl Lash Blast (which you can see me raving about here).
It gives a great amount of volume, without clumping, and is also quite separating and lengthening! It is the ‘doesitall’ mascara I have been wanting for so long.
Also, the packaging is pretty cute which is an added bonus.


Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner – Eastend Snob and Stila MECCA20 – Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

I will admit that lip products are not my favourite products in my makeup bag. I love eyebrows & lashes & base. So when I do find lip products that I like, I tend to just use those ones ALL the time rather than mixing it up. I know what colours suit me and work for me. So these two have become my everyday office lip combo.
The lip liner I bought thanks to Amelia Liana and her obsession for Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk as I had heard this was a good dupe and I wasn’t about to pay big $$$ for a lip liner. It’s a very creamy lip liner and doesn’t have to be sharpened (Hallelujah).

The Stila Liquid Lip I bought during Mecca’s 20 Year celebration (read about what I bought here) and now that I have had and used it for a while I can say… the colour is amazing but the formula can be really drying if you don’t prep your lips enough. This is why I decided to see what it would look like & perform over top of the Rimmel Lip Liner and it was such a win! Not only does it last perfectly most of the day, it doesn’t flake off in a funny manner, get really dry or leave your lips with a weird tint. WIN.


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Sukin Loves’

Everyone needs great skincare  

General Products

Skincare is one of those things where, once you find the right products for you, its hard to try anything else as you fear it will either break you out or make your skin freak out in general.

I am now that person. I struggle to bring myself to try anything other than Sukin because I know it works for my skin. There are many reasons I love this brand but mainly because its more natural than some other brands available, it is free from Parabens and Sulphates, the range of products is huge (Minis’!!!) and its really affordable, especially when they have specials!


I use a range of the face scrubs from Sukin. Partly because I wanted them all and partly because I wanted to see the difference between them. My favourite of the three is still the original (Middle of photo). I use this probably 5 or 6 times a week. Now I know some might say that is excessive but it is just what my skin likes and I notice a difference in the surface of my skin and my makeup application if I haven’t used it. The other 2 I only use occasionally or when my skin needs a little extra.



I believe moisturising your face is the ONE step that everybody should be doing everyday. Whether your skin is oily, dry, normal or combo – you need to moisturise! The 2 moisturisers I love from Sukin are the ‘ Facial Moisturiser’ and the ‘ Replenishing Night Cream’. I find that when I use these 2 products everyday my skin looks its best. When I don’t, Hello Dry Patches.


 This is a new discovery of mine. I don’t use this everyday as I find foaming cleansers can dry out my face if I use them too often. However I maybe use this once a week when I need a quick fix to clogging and removing texture and it works really well. If I have a bit more time I will spend time masking instead.



On days where I feel as though my skin needs a little bit more love and I have time, I choose to use the Detoxifying Mask followed by the scrub. May seem a bit excessive? Yeah probably! But afterwards my skin always feels so refreshed, looks a lot brighter and feels all kinds of clean! I really recommend the Detoxifying Super Greens range from Sukin.

Super Greens

All in all. I love trying new skincare products here and there but if there is one brand I know I can always go back to, or use when other things mess my skin up, Sukin is it! I am really looking forward to trying more of the range when I can justify it next! 😀

**DISCLAIMER – The products in these photos are well used and loved so may look kinda gross lol**

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Current Skincare Must-haves

After deciding recently that I was not too happy with the state of my skin, I did some research and purchased a few new (to me) skincare items, which may I add, have become some of my all time favourites!

Now don’t get me wrong, I know just as much as the next person that the clarity of your skin is not only what gets put on, but also how your skin is nourished from the inside. So alongside this current skincare routine, I have also been (trying to*) drinking 2+ litres of water a day, eating as many greens as possible as well as cutting out a lot of the ‘notsogood’ foods.

With these products however, I have noticed such a difference in the texture, plumpness, and brightness of my skin.

  • Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ ($29.95 AUD (30ml)

I have used this oil for about 2 years now, I love it and highly recommend it for everyone. I drench my entire face (about 5 drops) in this oil almost every night as I find my face is always moisturised, brightened and plump the morning after. I have also noticed it has helped reduce the appearance of the scar on my forehead – Bonus!

  • Manuka Doctor – ApiClear Purifying Facial Peel 100ml ($36 NZD)

I use this mask when my skin is feeling gross and congested. It is a peel off mask which means it does take around 20 minutes to dry and can hurt a little when being removed, but it is worth it. It definitely does a great job at pulling all the gunk out of my pores and my skin is always very smooth and soft afterwards.  *Tip – I would advise using a toner or tightening mask afterwards though as it does tend to open your pores when the gunk has been removed – do not want any nasties getting back in there right when it has just been cleared out 🙂

  • Sukin Revitalising Facial Scrub 125mL ($7 – $10NZD/AUD)

This is my everyday go-to facial scrub. Its not too harsh and is a very creamy consistency with small beads. I use this scrub every night before my oils and I find it really does make my skin so soft and radiant and leaves my skin feeling clean, but not that ‘tight’ clean feeling that some scrubs and cleansers give you.  Its also a bonus that it is super affordable!

  • Trilogy – Rosapene Night Cream ($44.95 AUD (60ml)

I have very recently nearly finished the first tube of this magical cream (sigh) and I am going to have to repurchase this for myself as an early xmas present! Not only is this cream so very nourishing before bed, I have also found that on days that my skin is feeling a bit dehydrated, putting this under my makeup works wonders.

  • Estee Lauder – Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II ($95.00 AUD 30ml)

I first tried this serum as a tester which I received in a goodie pack. It is one of those ‘holy grail’ products you hear about from every other beauty blogger. Its a product I really didn’t want to love as it is rather pricey! But, alas. I love it. It works wonders on dry spots of skin as well as giving you a beautiful glow the day after. I put this on right before bed as it sinks in within a few seconds! Bonus! I have put this last as it is my go to. ITS AMAZING. If you can get a saple to see if it works for you I highly recommend!

I would love to hear about your favourite skincare products currently, is there anything you would highly recommend?

Much love, Tracy.