In preparation for Autumn…

Bye Summer, its been so. so good.

Autumn, apart from the beautiful leaf colours, is probably my least favourite season. It starts to get cold, with the odd hot day mixed in so you never really know what to wear. My least favourite part? The days start getting shorter, especially when daylight savings ends! All of the good Summer fruits and veges are gone and you are basically left with all the boring ones. Who even likes autumn?


However, I want to try and make the most out of it this year… so here are a few things I want to do & buy to be #fashionable’er… and a bit more adventurous rather than sitting home and sulking about not being able to go to the beach!

Get An Amazing New Coat

Explore a New Garden

 Drink More Tea Get a Pair of Good Quality Chelsea Boots

Read 3 New Books

 Get a Black Pair of Jeans
 Find a Nice Chunky Knit And Another Blue Pair…
 Go To a New Farmers Market  Bake Something Autumny
Mix up my Skincare Routine – Hydration is Key Sort out My Scarf Collection!

My mantra currently is making the most out of everything, find something positive in every day and every situation! So even though the days are ge4tting shorter, its getting colder and beach days are less attainable, its really not that bad!

What is your favourite thing about Autumn?


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5 Summer Highlights & Photo Diary | 18′

Travel, Friends, Family, Food & a whole lot of sun!



Summer this year has been one of my favourites in a while! I feel like for one I actually spent enough time outside, went to the beach more often, caught up with my friends and actually visited my family in NZ.

Summer is by far one of my favourite seasons… for at least the first 2 months, then the heat starts to get too much and you start dreaming about coats and scarves. However, for those 2 months, it is BLISS. Only having to wear one layer



Because I wasn’t able to go back to NZ for Xmas this year, I decided that it would be worth going back for a long weekend to see the fam. Arriving at my grandparents at 1pm after travelling for 15hrs really made me question whether it was worth it for 4 days! However, I always love going back and seeing (mostly) everyone, even if it is brief.

This summer, finally, Dietmar and myself have taken up tennis. We have lived in an apartment building for the last 3 years with a tennis court & never made the most of it. Well, times have changed.

Now, I am not great, or even good, at tennis and have lost many a ball over the fence (and thanks to trespassing laws, never to be seen again) however, I really, really enjoy it. Not only does it require a bit of exercise, its been a fun activity for us to do together.
I like this Sunday tradition, hopefully we can stick at it for the foreseeable future and my new years goal of ‘starting a sport’ can be ticked off.

Market Shopping
Market shopping can be a bit hit and miss for me. I do love going to the market on a Sunday… but because of the sheer amount of people that also love it, if you aren’t in and out by 10am, you are in for a whirlwind of 100sss of people. However, generally even if its a bit later we have been going anyway. It works out to be a lot more affordable, we like to support local producers and the quality of the fruit and vege is so much better than the supermarket. They also have a lot more affordable organic options which is a huge bonus!
A highlight of our market shopping each week is stopping by Clement Coffee Roasters for a long black and sometimes a cheeky pastry! Check them out too.

This summer we have definitely made more use of the beach than before. We do live semi close by so we really don’t have too much excuse! But this year I have made an effort to at least try and get down every now and then to soak in some sun, enjoy the sea and watch all the dogs (Screw people watching, dog watching is THEONE).


 Being More Active & Meeting Two Inspirational Fitness/Health & Sustainability Dreamboats
This summer has been the first summer… ever. that I have managed to stick to a fitness routine and keep active for the whole season! Seriously proud of myself for that one. My diet as such, has not been perfect but I am trying! I eat a very balanced diet (IMO) and am happy with where I am at (minus the digestive problems but mate, that’s a whole other post).


However, this summer I was lucky enough to meet Zanna Van Dyk & Steph Elswood whilst they were on a whirlwind tour of Australia and it was great! They are both so lovely, welcoming and really down to earth. You don’t feel like you are going to a meet-up, more just hanging out with friends! It was so cool. (On another note, Zanna has an amazing blog which you can find here)

Home Made Iced Coffee
This for me has become a solid summery weekend drink. I love coffee, probably far too much.. and am not ready to kick the addiction just yet! but to mix it up I started making an iced version which is DELICIOUS.
Coffee (Instant or brewed shot of espresso)
Ice – Loads of ice
1 Frozen Banana – Its important that its frozen.
Unsweetened almond milk (or regular milk if that’s your jam)
You could add Stevia/ Coconut Sugar etc if you like it sweeter.
How to: 
Put all ingredients in a blender (minus some ice for later) and MIXX.
Enjoy with the extra ice and a reusable straw with some coconut sugar sprinkled on top (if you are the ultimate environmentally friendly health wanker like myself)
This summer has seriously been so great! I was happy, fulfilled and just generally in a great place! I am now (kindof) looking forward to the colder weather! (but I will miss my tan!) Bring on the coats and scarves! What was your favourite part about summer this year? And if you are in the northern hemisphere… what are you looking forward to??
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Christmas Day Outfit

Its a summery christmas 

I recently discovered that googling “what to wear on Christmas day” or “Christmas day outfits” was no use to me, whatsoever. Why? Because this Christmas here in Melbourne Australia, it’s going to be 36. C/ 96.8 F. No Christmas Jumpers, No Christmas Cosy Socks and definitely no festive Onesie. Minimal is key in hot weather!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am in no way a ‘fashion connoisseur’, if anything, I have very little dress sense. The outfit I have put together is comfy, breathable and as minimal as possible!


For me, this means very casual, picnic wear. I wanted to wear a bit of red, because to me this shouts Christmas, so this skirt is the ‘redist’ thing I have.

I think I will pair this outfit with a  “No makeup, makeup” (e.g brows, mascara, concealer and of course a red lip) look.

Christmas Outfit 2015


Very simple black singlet from Big W.

The Watch – Is the “New Look Tan Faux Leather Strap Watch” which I purchased off ASOS.



 Is the Daisy Street Wrap Skirt With Scallop Hem which is an ASOS Purchase also.


is Natio Nail Colour in ‘MYSTIC”



are another ASOS buy. They are the ASOS Square Sunglasses in Tortoise



Rubi Shoes from Cotton On (can no longer find on the website)


The Necklace is one I was given as a gift about 4 years ago – from a local market.

I would love to know what you will be wearing on Christmas day, is it going to be hot or cold where you live? Are you going out for a fancy tea, or a family brunch? How would you dress for each occasion? Let me know!

Is there anything I should add to this look?

I hope you all have a wonderful, love filled, joyful and safe christmas 🙂

With Love, Tracy